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All About the Club

Fishing.  Friends. Family. Fun.

The Warrnambool Offshore & Light Game Fishing Club (WOLGFC) is a family orientated club with an emphasis on game fishing, whilst at the same time encouraging responsible angling ethics and environmental awareness.  


We cater for all skill levels of anglers, from the big game offshore angler to the novice and everything in between.

The club has regular monthly fishing trips, outings and events (weather permitting).  Our trips and outings are mainly offshore, but also estuary fishing on the Hopkins, Merri, Curdies and Fitzroy rivers, Surf fishing and freshwater trips.

Club Membership

All anglers must be current financial members of the WOLGFC with the option of becoming a member of GFAV

The Warrnambool Club encourages it members to join GFAV for a small additional fee to receive the following benefits:

  • You NEED to be a financial member of a club affiliated with G.F.A.A to be eligible to claim any state or national game fishing records.

  • To be eligible to enter Sanctioned game fishing tournaments Nationwide. 

  • To claim any game fishing trophies on our club trophy list.

  • To add weight to the growing umbrella of the governing body that is fighting to keep our fishing rights intact against threats of any misinformed legislative sanctions.

Objectives of GFAV:

  • To govern and coordinate the sport of game fishing in the State of Victoria.

  • To affiliate with the Game Fishing Association of Australia and with the International Game Fishing Association.

  • To conserve the game fish and food fish resources of Victorian waters for the recreational and economic use of present and future generations.

  • To encourage and further the study of game fish angling, the related species and the habitat requirements of such species and to assist in the maintenance of the ecological balance of waters.

  • To formulate and support fair, uniform and ethical angling rules.

  • To compile and maintain State records for the heaviest angling catches for men, women and juniors in all line divisions approved by the Association for each species recognised by the Association as a game fish and game shark and fished for by a substantial number of anglers or distributed over a wide area of waters; and to adjudicate such record claims.

  • To represent the interests of recreational game fishermen within the Association's capacity for the time being at any meeting at which the future of the game fish population is being discussed or otherwise determined.

  • To assist and participate in domestic and international game fish seminars and symposiums where the expertise, data and purposes of this Association may be helpful in assisting other organisations with similar objectives.

  • To analyse the pressure of recreational fishing and commercial fishing for the various game fish species.

  • To act as a data accumulation centre for fishing results and make such information available to governments and others for the furtherance of education in the wise use of conservation of species.

  • To accumulate and maintain a history of game fishing for the use and benefit of present and future generations.

  • To develop and support fish tagging programs and other specific data collection evidence.

  • To disseminate information and knowledge of scientific studies of commercial and game fish to member Associations and clubs and other parties in Australia or elsewhere.


... A letter from the inaugural president, Bruce Everard

"The Warrnambool Offshore & Light Game Fishing Club was formed 15 months after the Late Viv Balmer suggested that I try and form a boating or an Offshore Fishing Club.


Viv was an ex World War 2 Navy Officer and had a great love of the sea. But he had a heart condition and was unable to launch and retrieve his boat himself. Viv thought that there would be other people in a similar situation and by forming a Club it would allow these people to continue to enjoy further days at sea and while fostering friendships amongst boat owners and 

fisherpersons, a Club would be able to increase safety at sea.


In December of 1976 a number of boat owners were contacted and told of the idea, a few were interested, but the majority had the attitude that (I only go cray fishing and sweep fishing, so I don't need to be in a Club and how could this help me). Of the people who were a little interested, not one got back in contact with me, so I took no further action.


In December 1977, I was once again at Balmers for a Staff Christmas BBQ and

Viv again raised the question of a Boating Club and so once again a number of Boat Owners were contacted and were told that a Meeting would be held at 54 Younger Street, on a particular night in February 1978. Seven or Eight people turned up on the night for the Meeting and so the Warrnambool Offshore and Light Game Fishing Club came into existence, but unfortunately a week before the Meeting Viv Balmer had a heart attack and died."

B G Everard

(Inaugural President)

Club Objectives

Our purpose; goals; missions; trademarks: what we want to accomplish with our members

To promote the sport of angling and game fishing both as a recreation and as a potential source of scientific data.

Promote the exchange of knowledge relating to angling and boating.

Looking after our fisheries by…

  • Take no more than our immediate needs.

  • Return undersize and unwanted fish carefully to the water.

  • Take your rubbish home and dispose of it correctly.

  • To promote Tag & Release.

  • To participate and organise fishing competitions and tournaments for all anglers to enjoy.

  • Protect the marine environment.

  • Observe and practice boating safety regulations.

  • Operate in accordance with the rules and ethics of G.F.A.A.

  • Encourage junior involvement in fishing activities of the club.

  • Show courtesy toward other anglers and boat users.

  • Provide facilities and equipment that enable club members to enjoy their membership of the club.

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