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2017/18 Season Presentation Night

Saturday night just gone was the celebration of the 2017/18 Fishing season.

Xavier Ellul, Sophie Woolstencroft, Martin Oosthuizen, Chloe Dance & Oska Wilson all shone brightly as up an coming anglers in our sport and were rewarded for their efforts!.

• Deep Water Species Xavier Ellul - Gem Fish 2.50 kg • Australian Salmon Xavier Ellul 3.00 kg • Gummy Shark Martin Oosthuizen 8.75 kg • School Shark Chloe Dance 9.98 kg • Striped Trumpeter Xavier Ellul 4.90 kg • Snapper Sophie Woolstencroft 4.65 kg • Sweep Oska Wilson 0.78 kg • Mulloway Chloe Dance 3.84 kg • Bream Xavier Ellul 1.00 kg • Trout (Brown) Xavier Ellul 1.12 kg • Estuary Perch Xavier Ellul • Heaviest Fish by a junior Angler Chloe Dance School Shark 9.98 kg • Kate & Terry Logan Junior Angling Encouragement Award Xavier Ellul 7 species 19.72 kg • Highest Point Scoring Gamefish by a Small Fry: Martin Oosthuizen Southern Bluefin tuna 31.28 kg on 10 kg line 469.20 points • Heaviest Gamefish by a Small Fry: Martin Oosthuizen Southern Bluefin Tuna 31.28 kg • Small Fry Tag & Release Champion: Martin Oosthuizen 30,000 points • Junior Tag & Release Champion: Sophie Woolstencroft 2,000 points


There were also some impressive species weighed in by seniors for the 2017/18 season. Full List of results are below.

Heaviest Deep Water Species Jan Oosthuizen - (Blue eye) 3.95 kg

Heaviest Flathead TJ Symons – 0.65 kg

Heaviest Morwong Peter Goode – 2.90 kg

Heaviest Nannygai Bernadette Pedlar - 1.12 kg

Heaviest Australian Salmon Luke Smith – 2.75 kg

Heaviest Gummy Shark Peter Goode – 21.20 kg

Heaviest School Shark Stephen Rhook – 25.86 kg

Heaviest Striped Trumpeter Stephen Rhook – 10.00 kg

Heaviest Snapper Sam Powell – 7.40 kg

Heaviest Sweep Leigh Anderson – 1.00 kg

Heaviest King George Whiting Alistair Sharp - 0.50 kg

Heaviest Fish – Lady Angler Bernadette Pedlar – School Shark 18.50 kg

Heaviest Yellowtail Kingfish James Taylor – 6.35 kg

Heaviest Mulloway Neil Clarke – 3.68 kg

Heaviest Bream Luke Smith – 1.52 kg

Heaviest Trout Ashley Dance (Brown Trout) – 1.96 kg

Pam & John Considine - Angling encouragement award Bardup – 7 Species - 67.85 kg


Other Exceptional Achievements were also celebrated:

Ashley Dance was presented with a Shimano Tiagra 30 LRSA for the first recaptured fish of the season with a recapture of a SBT

Dylan Wolter was presented with a recapture certificate for his Mako Shark that was tagged off Port Fairy.

The Following Victorian Records Martin Oosthuizen, Male Small Fry, Southern Bluefin Tuna 24 kg Line, 27.66 kg

Anne-Marie Oosthuizen, Female Senior, Southern Bluefin Tuna 6 kg Line, 21.52 kg

Anne-Marie Oosthuizen, Female Senior, Southern Bluefin Tuna 15 kg Line, 24.20 kg

Peter Goode, Male Senior, Southern Bluefin Tuna 4 kg Line, 17.60kg

Peter Goode, Male Senior, Southern Bluefin Tuna 4 kg Line, 19.16 kg and yes Goody was beating himself again 📷;)

Grant Bellman, Male Senior, Southern Bluefin Tuna 6 kg Line, 35.66 kg

Also a South Australian and Australian Record Kevin McLoughlin, Male Senior, Tope (School Shark) 2 kg Line, 12.06 kg

The Shimano Tiagra 30 LRSA Angling encouragement award was won by Ashley Dance having his name drawn from the barrel and meeting the criteria of being present on the night!


We also had some super impressive line class captures of SBT and sharks:

Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 4 kg line class Peter Goode – 19.68 kg

Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 6 kg line class Grant Bellman - 35.36 kg

Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 8 kg line class Jan Oosthuizen – 23.66 kg

Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 10 kg line class Peter Kavanagh – 38.80 kg

Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 15 kg line class Anne-Marie Oosthuizen – 25.02kg

Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 24 kg line class Jan Oosthuizen – 82.20 kg

Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 37 kg line class TJ Symons – 107.50kg

Tag & Release Champion Angler – Away Waters Frank Galea – 84,000 Points

Heaviest Shark Leigh Potter - Mako Shark 97.50 kg


The Perpetual Trophies are detailed below:

Bruce Everard- Heaviest Game Fish TJ Symons – Southern Bluefin Tuna 107.50 kg

Neville & Cheryl Dance - Most Meritorious Capture Grant Bellman – Southern Bluefin Tuna 35.36 kg on 6 kg line

Angus McSween - Memorial - Tag & Release Jan Oosthuizen – 176,000 points

Alan Togni – Heaviest Game Fish ex Shark Anne-Marie Oosthuizen – Striped Marlin 93.60 kg

Neil & Dianna Clarke – Champion Boat Tag & Release Meerkat – 328,500 points

Reg & Noreen Banner - Champion Boat Meerkat – 4693.43 points

Bruce Black Memorial Champion Club Person Emma Square

N.A.S.A Not a Skippers A@#e hole Peter Kavanagh

N.A.D.A Not a Deckies A@#e hole Peter Goode

Club Champion 2017/18 Peter Goode 1876.43 Points


A massive shout out the people who made the night a success. Some of our long range members travelled from afar to be present on the night. Our Committee who put in all year. Well done to all the award winners and our resident auctioneer Bruce Leslie Ludeman. Special Mentions to Sam Powell, Emma Square, Neil Woolstencroft, Ashley Dance, Peter Goode, Sophie Woolstencroft (chief photographer) Anthony Smith, Jan Oosthuizen and Garry Kermond for getting the venue set up and helping with our auction.

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