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June Deepwater Comp 8-10 June


Jump into our Deepwater Club Comp

Local waters (Apollo Bay to Port MacDonnell).

Briefing Friday night 7th at the Clubrooms from 6pm!

June 2024 Club Comp: Deepwater

Competition Times: 

6am Saturday June 8th until 4pm Monday June 10th, 2024

Weigh Ins: 

6pm Saturday, 6pm Sunday & 4pm Monday @ Clubrooms.

(Club BBQ & Presentation event on Monday)

Event Briefing: Friday 7th June at Clubrooms, from 6pm

All entrants must be current financial members of the Club. Please join before comp on website

Competition Target Species:

(note minimum lengths)

Gummy Shark (can be gutted*) 100cm FL

School Shark (can be gutted*) 100cm FL

Deep water species 40cm (Blue Eye, Hapuka, Pink Ling)

Striped Trumpeter 45cm

Weigh In Section: 

Entrants can weigh in one fish of each species, per day of the competition.

Competition Prizes:

Senior:                                             Junior:

Heaviest Gummy/School Shark                Heaviest Gummy/School Shark

Heaviest Striped Trumpeter                      Heaviest Striped Trumpeter

Heaviest Hapuka                                      Heaviest Hapuka

Heaviest Blue Eye                                     Heaviest Blue Eye

Heaviest Pink Ling                                    Heaviest Pink Ling


Let's look after our catch with proper ice & chilling techniques!

All judgement & ruling is at discretion of Competition Committee and is final. All current fisheries regulations & existing club rules apply if not mentioned above.


This club competition is proudly sponsored by:

Crichton’s Fireside & Ebb Tide Tackle

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