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Presentation Night 2022-23

September 2nd, a lovely Saturday night saw the club hold our annual presentation night, with a great turn out to celebrate a fantastic season!

We would like to thank all our sponsors and committee members for making the night possible. Special mention to the club's major sponsor, Richardson Marine for their ongoing support of the club. Here's a summary of the award winners on the evening for each respective category. We also held our famous Fundraiser Auction, with goods donated kindly by members to be auctioned off on the night. with a few laughs included!

Check out the Club Facebook Page for a full summary of pictures from the evening!

Shane Sanders: 2022-2023 Club Champion
Shane Sanders: 2022-2023 Club Champion


* Deep Water Species: Max Kandage, Hapuka

* Morwong: Jacob Dance

* Nannygai: Codi Symons

* Australian Salmon: Finn Smith

* Gummy Shark: Archer Mills

* School Shark: Codi Symons

* Striped Trumpeter: Codi Symons

* Snapper: Oliver Sharp

* King George Whiting: Jacob Dance

* Southern Rock Lobster: Chloe Dance

* Trout (Rainbow Trout): Finn Smith

* Estuary Perch: Max Kandage

* Heaviest Fish by a Junior Angler: Max Kandage, Hapuka 16.60 kg

* Kate & Terry Logan Junior Angling Encouragement Award: Codi Symons, 4 species, 22.07 kg


* Peter Warner Memorial - Highest Point Scoring Gamefish by a Small Fry:

J.P Oosthuizen, Southern Bluefin Tuna, 15.30 kg on 15 kg line: 153 points

* Heaviest Gamefish by a Small Fry: J.P Oosthuizen, Southern Bluefin Tuna, 15.30 kg

* Heaviest Game Shark by a Small Fry: Codi Symons, Mako Shark, 42.30 kg

* Small Fry Tag & Release Champion: Jacob Dance, 8,000 points

* Junior Tag & Release Champion: Matthew Dennett, 14,000 points


* GFAV Male Small Fry 10kg Line Class Record: Mako Shark, Codi Symons, 42.30 kg


Following on from our Juniors, the winners of Club Categories in the Senior section were awarded. Congratulations to all anglers!

* Deep Water Species: Janaka Kandage Hapuka 13.70 kg

* Flathead: Peter Goode, 1.42 kg

* Morwong: Peter Kavanagh, 2.70 kg

* Nannygai: Anthony Smith, 1.40 kg

* Australian Salmon: Phillip Pirotta, 1.90 kg

* Gummy Shark: Nate Monaghan, 23.30 kg

* School Shark: Kevin Mills, 25.26 kg

* Striped Trumpeter: Ashley Dance, 8.20 kg

* Snapper: Peter Goode, 3.70 kg

* Sweep: Shane Sanders, 0.92 kg

* King George Whiting: Stephen Rhook, 0.70 kg

* Yellowtail Kingfish: Anne-Marie Oosthuizen, 13.40 kg

* Southern Rock Lobster: Bill Gee, 3.50 kg

* Trout: Rainbow Trout: Luke Griffiths, 3.00 kg

* Estuary Perch: Janaka Kandage, 1.10kg

* Bream: Janaka Kandage, 1.10 kg

* Heaviest Fish – Lady Angler: Amanda Pirotta, School Shark, 22.00kg

* Pam & John Considine – Angling Encouragement Award: Barzerk, skipper Peter Goode, 8 Species, 57.16 kg

GAME FISHING & SPECIAL AWARDS! Rounding out the awards for the season, congratulations to the following winners: * WOLGFC Club Champion 2022-23: Shane Sanders 1844.00 Points * Bruce Black Memorial - Champion Club Person: Andrew Smith * Neil & Dianna Clarke Trophy – Champion Boat Tag & Release: Awabi, 93,500 Points * Reg & Noreen Banner Trophy - Champion Boat: Bait Waister, 2266.23 Points * Angus McSween Memorial – Tag & Release Champion Angler: Anthony Conway, 48,000 Points * Tag & Release Champion Angler – Away Waters (TIED): Brandon Cole & Tom Holt 10,000 Points * Tag & Release Recapture Certificate: Phillip Pirotta * Neville & Cheryl Dance Trophy - Most Meritorious Capture 2022-23: Brodie Carter, Southern Bluefin Tuna, 160.50 kg on 24 kg line. 1003.13 Points * Bruce Everard Memorial - Heaviest Game Fish 2022-23: Brodie Carter, Southern Bluefin Tuna. 160.50 kg * Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 3 kg line class: Shane Sanders, 8.50kg * Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 4 kg line class: Marcus Pearson 8.24kg * Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 8 kg line class: Peter Goode, 13.54kg * Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 15 kg line class: Peter Goode, 15.60kg * Heaviest Southern Bluefin Tuna 24 kg line class: Brodie Carter, 160.50kg * First Bluefin Tuna in excess of 150kg: Brodie Carter, 160.50 kg

And, the trophies always in hot demand! * N.A.D.A – Not a Deckies A@#e hole 2022–2023: Peter Kavanagh * N.A.S.A – Not a Skippers A@#e hole 2022–2023: HONOURABLE MENTION: Brandon Cole (Fish Attack) WINNER: Phillip Pirotta (Tagged himself) * WOLGFC Angler Encouragement Award: Andrew Smith

Congratulations to the following members with new GFAV Victorian Records: * GFAV Male 24kg Line Class Record, Southern Bluefin Tuna: Brodie Carter 160.50 kg * GFAV Male Small Fry 10kg Line Class Record, Mako Shark: Codi Symons 42.30 kg

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