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Updated: Jun 30

We are thrilled to congratulate one of our club members on a fantastic 15kg LINE CLASS SOUTHERN BLUEFIN TUNA. Well done BRANDON 'GRUB' COLE!

Congratulations to Club Member and gun fisho Brandon 'Grub' Cole and partner Laura who achieved a dream on 23rd June 2024.

Grub landed a Southern Bluefin Tuna on 15kg line class, with a tuna weighing in at 120.4kg. After a grueling 4 hour fight, they had the Tuna onboard Grub's boat, 'Awabi'.

The Tuna ate a Pakula Sprocket and a large crowd gathered at the Clubrooms to witness as we weighed the massive tuna.

Thank you to all that came down and saw this at the club. It is fantastic to see fishing is loved by so many people across our community and enjoy our world class fishery we have in Victoria.

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